Sustainable advice

Draw up a plan for your building

Wondering how you can lower your energy bill? Or are you wondering how you can improve comfort? Perhaps your ambition is to make your building natural gas-free or energy-neutral.

We help you on your way. This way, you know exactly what is possible in your building. Below are the steps we can go over with you to achieve a high-quality result for your historical building.

Personal & independent advice

Current situation analysis

An analysis of the current architectural and engineering structure of the building often provides good insight into the possibilities.

Selection of suitable structural and installation measures

What measures are possible in your situation? The set of measures will be elaborated on a technical, legal and financial level.

Ambition statement

Whether you want a natural gas-free home or improved air quality in your office building, we will listen to your wishes and help you determine your sustainable ambitions.

Customisation for monuments

We take elements of cultural-historical value into account and advise within the framework of guidelines for historical construction.

Step-by-step plan

With a step-by-step plan, you know how you can implement the sustainability of a building in phases. And how to integrate sustainability into your maintenance schedule.

Cost and opportunities for financing

We provide an overview of the investment costs, cost recovery periods and financing options, such as grants, loans and funds, that apply to your specific situation.

Advisory roadmap

1. Intake

An advisory process starts with an intake interview. This means our energy advisor will visit you to view the property and discuss your personal preferences. We take stock of your wishes, ambitions and expectations. We also take a tour of the building to meticulously record it. In order to make this visit as effective as possible, there will be a preliminary discussion by phone.

2. Advice

Based on the intake, we get to work for you. From all possible applications (more than 70!), we select the measures that best suit your wishes and your building. We do this by examining the advantages, disadvantages, energy savings, CO₂ savings, investment and cost recovery period, but also the financing possibilities and important legal aspects. The themes of heating, cooling, electricity, insulation, ventilation, water, green and quick wins are addressed.

3. Delivery

You will receive a report of all findings and sustainability opportunities. You now have insight into what is possible, what it costs and what it yields. We review the report together with you. This way, you can ask questions and we will discuss the next steps.

Curious about the possibilities for your building?

Will you opt for an Energy Scan or Tailored Advice?

Sustainable refurbishments for monuments will always be customisation. We offer two flavours. The difference between the Energy Scan and Tailored Advice for you at a glance:

Energy scan

We examine the technical possibilities, but also the financing possibilities and important legal aspects. The end result is a qualitative advisory report with the possibilities and a plan for the next steps.

Tailored Advice

Tailored Advice takes things a bit further than an Energy Scan. Here, too, we look at the technical, legal and financial feasibility of measures, but we elaborate the plans in detail. For example, we make an energy model of the building in which we calculate everything.

What makes our advice special?

  • "The Tailored Advice from the employees of De Groene Grachten has been adopted in several steps. Thanks to the new double glazing and the replacement of the old gas boiler, we were able to significantly reduce gas consumption in our monumental building. Two birds with one stone; greatly improved thermal insulation, but also a noticeable and highly desired reduction in noise pollution from the street and water."

    The Overweg Family
    The Overweg Family Keizersgracht
  • “The advisors at De Groene Grachten analysed our energy consumption and identified new opportunities for energy savings, which we immediately implemented. Thanks in part to the help of De Groene Grachten, KIT is able to take important steps to realise its sustainable ambitions for the building. The next step we will take together is a sustainable heat grid and even more energy savings.”

    Marc Schneiders
    Marc Schneiders CEO of KIT
  • "Our installations were in need of replacement and our energy bill was sky-high. Thanks to this conversion, our gas consumption has gone from 36,000 m3 of gas to zero and we are heating the three buildings with outside air and beer cooling. And this is just the beginning, now it’s time for all the student houses!"

    Martijn Berkhuizen
    Martijn Berkhuizen Student association L.A.N.X.
  • "De Groene Grachten represents the first step towards sustainable historical buildings in the Netherlands. Precisely these buildings - which are already very ‘sustainable’ in a sense, because they have often existed for centuries - must also keep up with the times."

    Jacqueline Cramer
    Jacqueline Cramer Director of Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI)
  • "Together with De Groene Grachten, we made our National Monument from 1657 more sustainable. De Groene Grachten has provided excellent advice and gave us insight into the possibilities. They also offered assistance with the municipal permit application. We are very satisfied with the result!"

    Karin Kersten
    Karin Kersten Facility Management Director and 'Facility Manager van het Jaar', ABN AMRO
1. Extensive experience with monuments and historical buildings

Since 2012, De Groene Grachten has been working on making monuments, historical buildings and areas in the Netherlands more sustainable. We have since helped hundreds of clients to become more sustainable. We have knowledge of building history and ensure a sustainable future for heritage.

2. Independent

De Groene Grachten is an independent organisation. Our colleagues are regularly involved in projects as ‘trusted advisor’ in order to take an objective and critical look at the plans. There is no relationship with any commercial contractors, which enables us to provide objective advice.

3. Integral approach

Sustainability is a multifaceted subject, with techniques constantly evolving. Moreover, each monument requires its own specific approach. What are the wishes of the users/owners? What are the possibilities of the building? We draw up an integral plan, in which the set of measures is well attuned to the wishes and possibilities.

4. Increase sustainability from A to Z

After the advice, we assist our clients in the implementation. This allows us to take care of the entire process. Because of this experience in the implementation, our advice is even more relevant; after all, we know how it works out in practice. Moreover, the implementation process is reinforced by the knowledge gained and the preliminary work done on the basis of the advice.

5. Up-to-date knowledge

The sustainability sector is developing rapidly. We follow the latest developments in the field of technology, policy and financing. Through our Academy, advisors are constantly informed about innovations. This way, you get truly up-to-date advice.

Sustainable leaders

Cost estimate &

General terms and conditions

The costs of an Energy Scan and Tailored Advice vary depending on the complexity and size of the project. Price indication on request. Please feel free to contact us for more information.


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