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Making sustainability improvements to a home is quite a challenge for every homeowner. As the owner of a monument, protected or otherwise historically valuable property, the challenge you face is all the greater, but certainly not impossible. Our experience is that there are often more possibilities than people think. And we are happy to help you with that, with independent and personal advice and guidance. Read below how we can help you or contact us.

Together we make your sustainable renovation a success

Wondering what you can do to keep the cold out? Or would you like advice on sustainable heating or ventilation? Perhaps you are even ready to apply for permits or start the implementation? We help you with every step towards an energy-efficient and future-proof home.

Orientation and inspiration

On the website of The Green Menu, you will discover what measures are possible and what rules there are with regard to sustainability. We have also collected current subsidies and financing for sustainability, restoration and renovation for you.


Personal advice

Independent advice on sustainable measures for your home and situation.


Implementation guidance

After the advice, we can unburden you in the implementation. For example, by taking care of the permit application and/or the contact with contractors.



Looking for a dose of inspiration? Then read the inspiring stories of homeowners that preceded you.


Curious about the possibilities?

Discover the sustainable opportunities

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The Green Menu

On the website of The Green Menu, you can discover the various measures for pre-war and monumental homes for yourself. Think of things like solar panels, heat pumps, thin double glazing, insulation walls and green roofs. Everything to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Each measure includes benefits, focus areas, guidelines for permits, subsidies and financing. And you can save the measures you find interesting and mail them to yourself. This will come in useful for the follow-up steps.

Independent & personal advice

Energy scan

For an Energy Scan, one of our advisors will visit you to screen your home and discuss your wishes and questions with you. The collected information is elaborated in an advisory report, which contains an overview of the possible measures. We also indicate whether it is subject to permits. We end with an overview of possible subsidies and financing and a step-by-step plan for the follow-up. We will review this advisory report together with you upon delivery.

Tailored advice

The Tailored Advice takes things a bit further than an Energy Scan. This advice will also involve a visit from us. We make a 3D model of your building with which we calculate all measures. This allows us to be more specific about what measures will be taken in conjunction and how much CO2 and energy you can save. This is particularly interesting if you want to renovate towards natural gas-free or energy-neutral or have specific insulation, heating and ventilation issues. As with the Energy scan, the information is processed in an advisory report that we discuss with you upon delivery.

Guidance all the way to delivery

Implementation guidance

After the advice, there are still some obstacles to overcome. You will probably apply for permits, request quotations and eventually manage the implementation. As an independent expert in the field, we can help you with this. For example, by making a quotation comparison, because we are not bound to contractors. If you wish, we can also unburden you by preparing your permit or subsidy application.

Sustainable leaders

  • "The renovation has shown it can be done. My chilly and draughty house has now become a comfortable home with a low energy bill. I can't imagine living in a house with plaster, PUR and rock wool anymore."

    Paul Bloemen
    Paul Bloemen Occupant of first sustainable monument
  • "The Tailored Advice from the employees of De Groene Grachten has been adopted in several steps. Thanks to the new double glazing and the replacement of the old gas boiler, we were able to significantly reduce gas consumption in our monumental building. Two birds with one stone; greatly improved thermal insulation, but also a noticeable and highly desired reduction in noise pollution from the street and water."

    The Overweg Family
    The Overweg Family Keizersgracht
  • "Every little step has meaning, so long as it is a step in the right direction. Here is a new generation that does not wait for politics, but just wants action. I think it's great to see how 'De Groene Gasten' proliferate Wubbo’s ideas"

    Joos Ockels
    Joos Ockels Director Foundation
  • "Together with De Groene Grachten, we made our National Monument from 1657 more sustainable. De Groene Grachten has provided excellent advice and gave us insight into the possibilities. They also offered assistance with the municipal permit application. We are very satisfied with the result!"

    Karin Kersten
    Karin Kersten Facility Management Director and 'Facility Manager van het Jaar', ABN AMRO


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