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Meet our team

A passionate team of experts is working on making historical buildings more sustainable, including churches, forts, student associations, courtyards and homes, both domestically and abroad.

  • Suze Gehem
    Suze Gehem Founder/ Director

    As a sustainable entrepreneur, Suze is the driving force behind a number of organisations. She was crowned ‘Duurzame Bouwvrouw’ (Sustainable Construction Woman), appears regularly in the media and is a popular speaker and chairman.

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  • José Willemsen
    José Willemsen Office manager/ communication/ PA Suze

    José is the point of contact for organisational and internal matters and is also the contact person for interviews and lectures. She works closely with Suze and supports our growing organisation in many areas.

  • Rianne den Ouden
    Rianne den Ouden Project leader implementation support

    Rianne has a background in architecture, renovation and transformation. As project leader of implementation processes, she guides our clients through the process of the implementation in order to achieve a sustainable building. She is also part of the team of De Groene Menukaart(dutch).

  • Jasper Vis
    Jasper Vis Advisor/ Utility installation technology expert

    Developing energy concepts is Jasper’s second nature. As a technical expert, he likes to elaborate the sustainability plans in detail. This way, he works on making theatres, schools and museums future-proof.

  • Tom Huizer
    Tom Huizer Operations and innovation manager

    Tom started working for us as an advisor based on his background in sustainable energy technology. Meanwhile, as operations and innovation manager, he makes sure that our daily activities run smoothly. He supports the advisors and manages ‘De Groene Grachten Academy’, in which our knowledge is safeguarded, new tools are developed and training sessions are given.

  • Jill Vervoort
    Jill Vervoort Advisor/ Building physics and engineering expert

    Jill uses her broad knowledge of building physics and sustainable energy technology for our clients, including sustainable church visions and financing plans for the National Restoration Fund. She works as an advisor on projects, organises walk-in consultations and guides clients in the practical execution of the work.

  • Gijs Limmen
    Gijs Limmen Advisor/ Utility building installations expert

    Gijs is an expert in building installations and circularity in buildings. As a trusted advisor and knowledge carrier, Gijs is involved in various business projects. In the process from ambition determination to a successful end result, he ensures creativity, a critical eye and smooth cooperation.

  • Benjo Zwarteveen
    Benjo Zwarteveen Advisor/ Engineering and building history expert

    Benjo has a great passion for combining heritage and sustainability. With his background in both engineering and building history, he focuses on the possibilities of sustainability within the context and framework of cultural heritage.

  • Koen Fischer
    Koen Fischer Project manager

    Koen has an architectural background and has experience as a project leader and construction manager in the development and realization of various (new) construction projects. As a sustainability project manager, he guides clients through the process, from the first idea to the final delivery of the project.

  • Kim Bergen
    Kim Bergen Advisor sustainability

    Kim has a wide range of experience from climate control to making museum buildings and depot buildings more sustainable. She works as an advisor, where she likes to research sustainability options that match the function of a building.

  • Jan Willem Veenigen
    Jan Willem Veenigen Project manager

    Jan Willem works on complex projects that contribute to the energy transition and where good cooperation is desired. With a technical business administration background, he seeks the connection between new technology and society, but also between people themselves. He provides new insights and lasting relationships in creative ways.

  • Inge Schnitger
    Inge Schnitger Advisor Sustainability

    Inge has a mechanical engineering background and experience with energy simulations and comfort calculations. As a consultant, she works on various projects that contribute to making historical Netherlands more sustainable.

  • Tessel de Rooij
    Tessel de Rooij Project leader/ The Green Menu/ Marketing

    Tessel has broad experience in involving and activating homeowners in sustainability. As project leader, she works closely together with various organisations and governments on the realisation of sustainability objectives. Contact Tessel if you would like to know more about The Green Menu.

  • Wieke Rutgers
    Wieke Rutgers Project and process employee

    Wieke has a background in communication and ICT and works on our internal processes and projects. With an open mind and the conviction that anything is possible, she works on creative solutions to keep taking steps forward together in the field of sustainability.

  • Kris Kelller
    Kris Kelller Intern University of Applied Sciences Mechanical Engineering

    Kris is a Mechanical Engineering student at Avans University of Applied Sciences in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. During her internship she will work on developing advisory reports for making cultural-historical buildings more sustainable. Her focus is within the field of Energy Technology

  • Lars Kivits
    Lars Kivits Intern University of Applied Sciences Mechanical Engineering

    Lars has a great interest in sustainability, architecture and installations. As a mechanical engineering student, he wants to contribute to the sustainable future of tomorrow by contributing to advice, gaining new knowledge and using his passion for sustainability.



Through our Foundation, we continue to work on the inspiring ideas that once started it all. For example, we have developed an education programme for children about making buildings more sustainable.

  • Wubbo Ockels
    Wubbo Ockels Initiator

    With De Groene Grachten, Wubbo Ockels wanted to show that even canal houses can be made more sustainable. If it can be done here by the canals, it can be done anywhere! Over time, his idea has grown into a healthy, fast-growing organisation.

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  • Maurits Groen
    Maurits Groen Chairman

    Maurits Groen is one of the most passionate sustainable entrepreneurs in our country. “This is the new generation of expert, driven people shaping the transition to true sustainability. Sustainability used to be considered expensive, annoying and tedious. These young entrepreneurs tackle the problems with élan, skill and joy”, says Maurits.

  • Joos Ockels
    Joos Ockels Secretary/Treasurer

    Joos Ockels is secretary-treasurer of the Foundation. “Every little step has meaning, so long as it is a step in the right direction. Here is a new generation that does not wait for politics, but just wants action. I think it’s great to see how ‘De Groene Gasten’ proliferate Wubbo’s ideas every day.”

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