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Now that you have a solid plan, it is time to execute it. We can unburden you during the implementation process. Think, for example, of selecting the right parties, permits, quality control, financing and planning.

De Groene Grachten can act as an independent advisor during the implementation. This way, the agreements made, the quality and the objectives set in advance are guaranteed. In case of deviations, and advancing insight, we can advise effectively and efficiently, without losing sight of the main objective. Specialist expertise can also be provided in the area of monumental issues that arise during the execution. We can also play an advisory role in the (interim) delivery, in which both technical and functional matters are assessed.

What we can offer during the implementation

Are we going to work together? Then we draw up a customised proposal for the project supervision. Elements that may come up include:

Further deeping of consultancy activities

It may be desirable to expand on certain sustainable measures in order to test their ultimate feasibility.

Consultation municipality and building aestethics committee

We hold preliminary consultations with the municipality and the buildings aesthetics committee and discuss the energy concept in relation to permits and aesthetics requirements.

Drawing up programme of requirements

De Groene Grachten can coordinate the drawing up of a (technical) Programme of Requirements.

Design elaboration guidance

We can act as process supervisor in the creation and elaboration of the design.

Quality assurance

Checks can be carried out to ensure quality.

Drawing up user manual

A user manual is desirable in the everyday use of the building and for focus areas for long-term maintenance planning.

Annual performance monitoring

Through monitoring, we can provide insight into the sustainable impact and performance of the building.

Advising on corrective measures

We can advise on possible corrective measures after commissioning.

More information and explanations

  • “The advisors at De Groene Grachten analysed our energy consumption and identified new opportunities for energy savings, which we immediately implemented. Thanks in part to the help of De Groene Grachten, KIT is able to take important steps to realise its sustainable ambitions for the building. The next step we will take together is a sustainable heat grid and even more energy savings.”

    Marc Schneiders
    Marc Schneiders CEO of KIT
  • "Our installations were in need of replacement and our energy bill was sky-high. Thanks to this conversion, our gas consumption has gone from 36,000 m3 of gas to zero and we are heating the three buildings with outside air and beer cooling. And this is just the beginning, now it’s time for all the student houses!"

    Martijn Berkhuizen
    Martijn Berkhuizen Student association L.A.N.X.
  • "De Groene Grachten represents the first step towards sustainable historical buildings in the Netherlands. Precisely these buildings - which are already very ‘sustainable’ in a sense, because they have often existed for centuries - must also keep up with the times."

    Jacqueline Cramer
    Jacqueline Cramer Director of Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI)
  • "De Groene Grachten shows that even in a monumental building, energy-efficient living is possible. A wonderful way to give a typical Dutch cultural heritage a sustainable future.”

    Anne-Marie Rakhorst
    Anne-Marie Rakhorst Sustainable entrepreneur and founder of SEARCH BV


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