Welcome to De Groene Grachten
The starting point for sustainable retrofitting of historic buildings, areas and more
Welcome to De Groene Grachten
The starting point for sustainable retrofitting of historic buildings, areas and more
Welcome to De Groene Grachten
The starting point for sustainable retrofitting of historic buildings, areas and more

“Sustainability? If it can be achieved here, it can be done anywhere!”

We are working on making historical buildings and areas more sustainable, with the mission: if it can be done here, it can be done anywhere. Both domestically and abroad, we advise our clients on the opportunities for energy savings, generation and circularity. We supervise projects during the building phase and share knowledge in training courses, workshops and lectures. We also develop knowledge platforms and develop neighborhood-scale retrofitting programs.

De Groene Grachten for…


Want to save energy or generate it sustainably? Or do you want to live without natural gas? Discover the possibilities. We help you with Tailored Advice and guide you through the implementation.


How can sustainability be integrated into the historical built environment without loss of historical elements and values? What opportunities does an area offer for sustainable energy generation? We offer an extensive package for governments.

Corporate clients

Making business real estate more sustainable is becoming increasingly important. How do you approach that effectively? Which retrofitting investments make sense? We advise and guide you throughout this entire process.


Wondering how we can help you move forward with sustainability? We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

  • “If even a centuries-old canal house can be made sustainable, it can be done anywhere!”

    Wubbo Ockels
    Wubbo Ockels Initiator of De Groene Grachten
  • “The advisors at De Groene Grachten analysed our energy consumption and identified new opportunities for energy savings, which we immediately implemented. Thanks in part to the help of De Groene Grachten, KIT is able to take important steps to realise its sustainable ambitions for the building. The next step we will take together is a sustainable heat grid and even more energy savings.”

    Marc Schneiders
    Marc Schneiders CEO of KIT
  • "Our installations were in need of replacement and our energy bill was sky-high. Thanks to this conversion, our gas consumption has gone from 36,000 m3 of gas to zero and we are heating the three buildings with outside air and beer cooling. And this is just the beginning, now it’s time for all the student houses!"

    Martijn Berkhuizen
    Martijn Berkhuizen Student association L.A.N.X.
  • "De Groene Grachten represents the first step towards sustainable historical buildings in the Netherlands. Precisely these buildings - which are already very ‘sustainable’ in a sense, because they have often existed for centuries - must also keep up with the times."

    Jacqueline Cramer
    Jacqueline Cramer Director of Utrecht Sustainability Institute (USI)
  • "Every little step has meaning, so long as it is a step in the right direction. Here is a new generation that does not wait for politics, but just wants action. I think it's great to see how 'De Groene Gasten' proliferate Wubbo’s ideas"

    Joos Ockels
    Joos Ockels Director Foundation
  • "Together with De Groene Grachten, we made our National Monument from 1657 more sustainable. De Groene Grachten has provided excellent advice and gave us insight into the possibilities. They also offered assistance with the municipal permit application. We are very satisfied with the result!"

    Karin Kersten
    Karin Kersten Facility Management Director and 'Facility Manager van het Jaar', ABN AMRO
  • "De Groene Grachten shows that even in a monumental building, energy-efficient living is possible. A wonderful way to give a typical Dutch cultural heritage a sustainable future.”

    Anne-Marie Rakhorst
    Anne-Marie Rakhorst Sustainable entrepreneur and founder of SEARCH BV

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